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A brand is a promise. Never break your promise.

We Start With People

People purchase products and services. People evaluate brands. People post their experience with a brand. It only make sense to start with people when developing your brand, products, and services.

By focussing on the “who”, we are able to better determine the how, why, where, and when of branding.

You see a brand is a series of interactions your customers have with your products, services, and company. By focusing on who will be your customers, who will evaluate you, and who will tell others about you, we can design experiences that connect people to your brand.

Your logo, customer service, user friendly website, relevant Twitter posts, or a well-designed menu board are all strategic brand interactions. Every communication, sign, greeting, advertisement, and virtually anything else you do or say is a brand interaction that reinforces the customer’s perception. Think of your brand as an orchestra. If even one instrument, or in this case, brand element is not performing well, the whole orchestra is perceived to be out of tune and not really pleasing to experience. However, when your brand is in tune with the customer, delivering consistent experiences you achieve brand engagement that leads straight to brand loyalty.

How people engage and connect with each other has changed with the acceptance of social media. Short bursts of information, emotions, and conversations allow users to socialize with multiple people at the same time. The need for socialization extends to brands as well. Consumers want to be able to engage and converse directly with their brand of choice delivering valuable feedback. Brands can also apply a little “Social Grease” by creating an environment that promotes socialization to connect people to their brand through shared positive experiences. Every brand has people behind it. Great brands have people who believe in it, want to share it and are even willing to fight for it. At Red Catapult, we want to help you create a great brand!

Brand Strategy

A Brand Strategy sets the course for building a strong brand by establishing a unique selling position that differentiates your products and services from your competitors. This is particularly important to small and upstart businesses that lack substantial marketing budgets to compete with big competitors.

Brand Development

Brand development starts with an identity that represents the quality, experience, and values your company stands for. From there, Brand Development encompasses all aspects of your business including customer service, marketing, merchandising, packaging, online experiences, and even product development.

Social Grease

Social Grease strategically connects brands to people, conversations and social engagement through designed interactions that facilitate socialization. By encouraging socialization brands can connect directly to positive social experiences such as a first date, meeting friends after work, or going to a concert.