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Social Grease

Creating an environment that enhances socialization.

Strategically promoting human interaction to emotionally connect people to brands.

Take a moment and think back on couple of your favorite memories. Every aspect of those precious moments holds a special place in your heart, including any brand that was part of the experience. Do you remember the first ball game your dad took you to, the summer vacations driving across the country, or how about the restaurant you went to on your first date? Chances are you still have positive feelings about the baseball team, the vehicle, and the restaurant.

Brands can strategically encourage interaction that generates emotionally positive experiences by increasing socialization opportunities as part of the brand experience. Social Grease is the art of applying designed interactions to facilitate socialization in order to tie emotional connections to brand experiences.

As technology has advanced, so has the way we interact. Coffee shops introduced a pseudo living room with free WiFi that allowed you to meet friends or connect via email, text or Skype® while sipping the coffees of the world. Restaurant brands are expanding the experience beyond the food with outdoor dining spaces that rival luxury backyards. They’re also adding community tables, featuring live entertainment, and serving oversized dishes to encourage friends and family to meet, laugh and share. The food is only part of the total restaurant experience.

Grocery store employees say “hello” or ask “how are you today?” They understand that many of their customers live alone or may have limited outside the home socialization, and those who are social, still appreciate a brief acknowledgment from someone they see weekly. By interacting with you, the store hopes you feel a personal connection making this “your” grocery store.

New home developments incorporate social areas such as swimming pools, clubhouses, playgrounds and walking paths as points of interaction to increase the sense of neighborhood. Creating a sense of community, and not just a group of houses, will lead to demand and more home sales at higher dollar amounts.

Entertainment centers featuring a group of activities such as bowling, music, video games, food, drink and party rooms are designed to bring in groups of people with the idea that someone from group A will know someone from group B and suddenly you have one big group of new friends. Additionally, the experience can be spread to those not present through social media creating desire and often experience envy.

While these are all examples of applying social grease, there are many more ways to increase socialization not just with customers, but with employees as well.

For most of the twentieth century the water-cooler served as the interaction post of corporate America. But as the benefits of collaboration have become more apparent, companies have taken down the cubical barriers and actually encouraged interaction among employees with mobile workstations, team rooms, white boards and even office play areas. These can all be considered social grease elements because they promote interaction. For a business there are several benefits to encouraging socialization. First, happy employees are less likely to seek employment elsewhere. Secondly, interaction promotes collaboration that leads to new ideas, and finally interaction builds trust to reduce workplace issues, making teams more productive.

The bottom line is that companies can apply Social Grease to promote socialization and emotionally connect people to brands in ways that are more memorable and help build brand loyalty. Red Catapult applies Social Grease that integrates unique user experiences that inspire socialization and connect user emotionally to your brand. Call or email to discuss how Social Grease can work for your brand.

Connecting people connects them to your brand.

Benefits of Social Grease

  • Creates a postive atmosphere
  • Creates a sense of belonging
  • Creates a sense of place
  • Extended customer visits
  • Brings in groups of people

Enhance Socialization

  • Open Work Spaces
  • Mobile Workstations
  • Community Spaces
  • Games
  • Relaxed environment
  • Activities
  • Food & Drink
  • WiFi