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Targeted Branding

Red Catapult is in the business of propelling brands forward through sound strategy and creative excellence.

Why Identifying Consumers, Messages, and Environments are so Important

Fully engaging consumers means that you are delivering your brand message to the correctly targeted consumer group in the right environment. Consumers will listen, react and engage your message if it is in the appropriate environment. For example no one likes sales calls while they are eating dinner with the family, but that same message might elicit a positive response if they read it in a print ad.

Defining the right consumer audience is key to all branding efforts. If you are targeting the wrong audience, it does not matter what you do or how creative you are, you will still not be effective in connecting or growing your brand. Most brands have multiple target audiences so tailoring the message to a specific audience, while only a portion of the total audience is still more cost effective then blasting one message that you hope connects with everyone. The number one beer seller understands this better then anyone. That is why you will 3 or 4 different ads during the same football game. The Clydesdales are targeted to one audience, the “this beer is for you” ad to another and so on. At the end of the game they have connected with the majority of viewers one segment at a time.

Social Grease is a form targeted branding where the environment is the primary key to the message. Social grease essentially creates an environment that promotes socialization. By connecting people you connect them to your brand through a positive experience. The brand message is subtle, but an effective “we care about you, your friends and your family, so we have created an environment where you can all be happy together.” Party buses, bowling alley / bar / entertainment centers and coffee houses are examples of social grease in action.

What you say about your brand, products, services, company or even your audience will vary from audience to audience, but should reflect the attributes and qualities that specific segment of your audience can relate to. You wouldn’t try to sell financial advice and investments to a 25 year old the same way you would a 55 year old. Vehicles are designed with a specific consumer in mind, therefore the marketing is as well. Ultimately your message must be honest and communicate the attributes that differentiate your brand in features, benefits, and perceived value to your consumer audience.

Defining your consumer audience(s), crafting the right message and communicating in the proper environment are the three keys to Targeted Branding.