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Small Business Branding

A small business with a strong brand is ready for Goliath.

8 Reasons Small Business Branding is Important

Branding is essential to any size business, but for a small business, branding can help level the playing field making it easier to compete with bigger competitors. By differentiating your brand you communicate what makes your brand relevant to consumers. A differentiated brand creates value because consumers understand they cannot get the same experience from your competitor which means you are not competing only on price.

Additionally, branding a small business helps with recognition in the market place that draws additional consumers in. Below are 8 reasons branding is vital to making a small business a success.

  • 1. Branding Differentiates

    Branding communicates what makes your company, products and services unique and what is relevant about your brand to consumers.

  • 2. Branding Enhances Recognition

    Branding delivers consistency that increases recognition of your products, services and messaging.

  • 3. Branding Attracts Customers

    Branding that differentiates attracts customers who understand what the brand is offering and in truth promising to deliver. For a fast food restaurant that is a consistent level of quality and experience in a quick timeframe.

  • 4. Branding Connects to Consumers

    Consumers, particularly women, are joiners. Branding helps draw people to connect by presenting the qualities consumers will appreciate and value.

  • 5. Branding Creates Value

    Through differentiation brands communicate what is unique and relevant to the consumers setting expectations.

  • 6. Branding Inspires Employees

    Branding is essentially a promise to consumers. Branding inspires employees to live up to and exceed that promise.Branding also communicates the values of the employee by association.

  • 7. Branding Builds Trust

    By consistently meeting or exceeding expectations, consumer trust is built.

  • 8. Branding Builds Loyalty

    Brand trust leads to brand loyalty.

We like to work with small businesses, because simply put we are a small business too. We understand the challenges trying to stand out, constantly wearing multiple hats, and fighting off bigger competitors.

Our Services

Red Catapult is dedicated to helping brands not only stay competitive, but grow through strategic planning, differentiating branding, and consistent marketing. We can assist you in further developing who you are as business, expanding your customer reach and building customer loyalty.

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Brand Identity/Logo Design
  • Brochures, Flyers, Sales Sheets
  • Website Design & Development
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy, Management /
  • Social Media ROI Reporting
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