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Design Thinking

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photo from a design thinking workshop showing the results of several steps in the process with lots of ideas on sticky notes

Design Thinking Facilitation

Red Catapult facilitates Design Thinking processes to assist companies in identifying and breaking through internal and external challenges. Through Design Thinking our clients have been able to differentiate their brand, align teams, develop new opportunities, enhance their user experience, innovate and prototype new products and services, and strategically plan for the future.

The advantage of Design Thinking is that it is a human centered approach to innovation, problem solving and strategy development that can be applied to any size organization or business, in any industry.

For companies that are looking to be more innovative, we focus on the user to identify unmet needs, then ideate for solutions that are not only desirable to the user, but also feasible and viable for the company. When an organization is transitioning or integrating after an acquisition, we can help break down silos and align teams by identifying duplicate actions, bottle-necks in processes and streamlining systems to build uniformity and consensus for solutions that deliver desired outcomes. And for management teams trying to manage future change, Design Thinking can assist in the transformation of the company by helping to clarify mission and goals, determine future direction, prioritize objectives, anticipate required resources and technologies, and identify the steps necessary to make it all happen, and build in accountability. 

Red Catapult can custom design a workshop or innovation strategy session to address your company’s specific needs. We can also work with your company in building a more collaborative environment that can develop into a culture of innovation. Contact us for a free consultation.

Common Business challenges Design Thinking can assist with:

A Transitioning Business

  • Transitioning to new ownership or leadership where you need to align new directives or ideas and an existing staff.
  • Addressing market share loss
  • Dealing with new or stronger competition
  • Adapting and integrating new technologies
  • Recognizing and adapting to a new shift in customer trends
  • Realizing new opportunities

Creating Alignment within a Business

  • Getting departments to work together
  • Aligning staff with new department leadership
  • Aligning Sales and Production
  • Realigning the business and employees after a shift in core values
  • Aligning acquired business units to core company approach
  • Dealing with a knowledge loss
  • Aligning business with new technologies
  • Addressing product development delays
  • Dealing with indecision/non-committal management

Enhancing Relevance to Customers

  • Developing Distinctive Differentiation
  • Integrating new technologies
  • Embracing shifts in customer trends
  • Integrating a shift in company core values
  • Dealing with a shift in customer perceptions
  • Recognizing and transforming from outdated products and services
  • Address lack of innovation

To better recognize the signs company or department may be dealing with a transitioning business, struggling to align, or trying to maintain relevance, download the pdf "Three Signs Your Company Is Facing An Issue."